How To Know If You Are Experiencing Toxic Positivity

How To Know If You Are Experiencing Toxic Positivity

By Angel Yaki

So how do you know when positivity is becoming toxic in your environment/ within you? Has someone ever said the following phrases to you; 

"You'll be fine." 
"Just be positive" 
"Your bad mood is spoiling the fun"

How did that make you feel? Did it do anything to disperse your bad mood? Probably not. The phrases above are common when positivity is forced upon you. It's good to be positive, yes. However, it's also good to sit with and experience your negative emotions as well. You can't be happy 24/7 every single day. No!

Below are five (5) indications that you are experiencing toxic positivity:

(1) You're masking your true feelings; This is extremely common. You're sad but instead of showing it and seeking help, you put on a smile and pretend it's alright. Some people would say it means you're strong, but in reality, you're just destroying your mental health because with time, all of that sadness could build up and lead to depression. Seek help and comfort when you're sad. Do not be tempted to form woman of steel.

(2) Brushing off problems rather than facing them; Let's assume you went through a breakup and instead of allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that come with it, you brush it off because there are people who have no house and you do. Quite alright, people are on worse situations than you are, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to be sad about anything. Face your emotions. By ignoring/suppressing them, you're only extending the time it'll take for you to heal.

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(3) Minimizing people's experiences with quotes; This is one thing I really hate. How can I tell you I lost everything I had, hoping for comfort and you tell me, " There is a tiger in all of us, aspire to Maguire." Is all well? I know tough people last more than tough times. Comfort your friends when they find the courage to come to you.

(4) Shaming those who are not positive at the moment; The third phrase I gave in the beginning is an example. "You're spoiling the vibe with this your bad mood." "You're always sad as if it's done serious." Don't say such a thing... ever! The fact that it wouldn't hurt you if you were in their shoes doesn't mean you should shut them down. You're their friend for a reason.

(5) Guilt for feeling 'negative' emotions; "Everyone was so happy and now I've spoilt it." You shouldn't feel like this. You shouldn't feel bad for being sad or angry. They're emotions as well. You have to feel them as much as you feel joy or excitement. Don't ever feel bad for experiencing 'negative' emotions.

All in all, don't force yourself to look happy because of what others would say or think. Don't shut down people because they're unhappy at the moment. Mental health is very important.

Do you do any of these things? Do you know anyone who does? Tell us in the comments!

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