Here's Why Your Relationship Isn't Working

Here's Why Your Relationship Isn't Working

By Esther Nkama 

Some relationships these days are standing on thin ice and walking on shaky grounds.

You could be wondering why something seems off.

That’s why I’m here, I suppose, to bring to light things you don’t know about.

If your relationship is having trouble, have you looked at how your communication in the relationship has been?

I’m not a love doctor, but I do understand the need for communication in every relationship.

Communication is a flow of energy, and if one side halters the flow, the whole thing ends.

Good communication is an important part of all relationships and is an essential part of any healthy partnership. All relationships have ups and downs, but a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier partnership. 

We often hear how important communication is, but not what it is and how we can use good communication in our relationships.

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What is communication?

Communication is the exchange of information, ideas, and feelings.

Communication allows you to voice your needs and opinions. The act of communication not only helps to meet your needs, but helps to create a connection in your relationship.

Your relationship has a higher chance of lasting if there’s effective communication between the two parties.

I’m rooting for you lovelies.

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