Five Signs That You Are Dating Yourself

Five Signs That You Are Dating Yourself
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By Esther Nmaka (@nk_estty)

I only hear about breakfast these days. Somebody is chopping breakfast that could be avoided elsewhere. How?

Well, most individuals date themselves without even being aware of it. They are now surprised when breakfast arrives.
There should be some indicators present. Signs that, if you are paying attention, you will notice.
However, I am here to assist you. Five indicators that you are in a relationship with yourself are listed below. By recognizing these indications, you should be able to avoid eating breakfast that is not essential.
1. Your partner only calls when they are in trouble: Whether it be money, a favor, or sex if your partner only calls when they are in need, something is wrong.

2. They ignore specific things about you and talk excessively about themselves. These people do not even give a damn about you. They are solely interested in themselves.
 3. They do not display public affection: All right, I know some people do not like PDA, but come on, a quick handshake or public hug would not hurt.

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 4. They make no observations regarding you. You must draw their attention to it before they notice that you have changed your hairstyle or haircut. They would then make an excuse for not commenting earlier. Shior!
 5. They treat you poorly, but as soon as someone shows a genuine interest in you, they start showing you love and make it clear that they are interested in you. These individuals are what I refer to as devils. Haba! They would make sure you rejected everyone who expressed interest in you before treating you horribly thereafter.
My darling, if these indicators are present in your relationship, you must JAPA since you are clearly dating yourself.

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