How To Balance School And Your Craft

How To Balance School And Your Craft

By Angel Yaki 

A lot of the time many creatives (me included) say they don't have time. Most of the time, it's either they spend all their time on school and their craft suffers or they spend all their time on their craft and their academics suffer.

Let's face it, there's no proven way to give your all to both your craft and studies. What you can do, is the plan. Remember, "he who fails to plan, plans to fail."
First of all replace the "I don't have time" mindset with an "I have enough time, I just need to plan" mindset. If something is important to you, you'll find time for it. 
Another thing you should know is that in this case, you are first and foremost; a student. You cannot tell your parents that you failed your courses because you were creating content for your skincare blog or shooting YouTube videos.

Here are a few tips on balancing School and your craft:

Plan- You should have somewhere to organize your plans for the day. I use a planner and I also write a to-do list on my phone with reminders. Choose what works best for you. You can actually use Google calendar to set the times. You can also download a separate app or use an actual notebook/planner. Planning makes everything so much easier. Your thoughts and plans for the day are all organized in one place. You know exactly what you're going to do and your head is not all over the place. You should plan the evening before to avoid rushing in the morning.

Be Spontaneous- Take every opportunity you have, to do something productive for your brand. During breaks ( please eat first ), absent from lectures and weekends. This is where planning comes in again. Know when you'll read and know when you'll work on your craft. You're also allowed to have a social life by the way. Ensure you have everything planned beforehand.

Focus on what matters- You can't be everywhere. I know you want to do Iron lady and man of steel, but you can't be everywhere and focus on everything, all at once. Each semester/ whatever time period is best for you to plan, pick 2 to 4 things to focus squarely on. For example; You could decide that in the coming semester, you want to focus on using your courses, generating more leads for your fashion business, and reaching 10k subscribers on your YouTube channel.
That plan will help you shape what you say yes or no to. "Tinuke. Come let's report this Kelly's page." Evaluate. Is this part of what you choose to focus on? How does it help you achieve the goals you've set for this semester/month/year etc. If it doesn't help your goals but instead takes so much time/ resources which could have gone into your development, you know what to say.

Balance is simply about planning and sticking to your plan. Make sure to also rest in-between all of this action.
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