These Eating Habits Shows That Your Diet Is Wrong

These Eating Habits Shows That Your Diet Is Wrong
Photo Credit: The Guardian

By Yaki Angel
So you want to lose weight. You saw that diet online that turned mummies into young ladies by making them lose their fat. Now, you're interested, you're already fantasizing about your new body and you'd follow any diet to get there.

You start this really 'effective' diet and cut out all forms of carbs from your diet. Sometimes, you don't even take full meals. Sometimes, you don't even eat at all.

We all love to see determination towards fitness and anything good in general. What we don't love to see,  however, is doing it wrong. I said it in the beginning and I'm saying it again. Your diet is wrong. You see, carbs are essential. Whether Keto wants to admit it, or not.

First of all, Carbohydrates are your body's main source of energy. They fuel your heart, kidney, brain, and so on. So if you don't eat carbs, you won't even have the strength for hot girl summer and it does your weight loss journey more harm than good because when your energy is low like that, you eat even more than you would have initially.

Good carbs like nuts and whole grains contain fiber which makes it less likely for you to feel bloated because your body constantly and efficiently eliminates waste. 
Most carb foods contain amino acids that help trigger serotonin (an enzyme that instigates happiness) in the body. That certainly explains why eating makes some of us less sad/angry.

So how can you diet correctly? 
1. Minimize your carbs, don't exclude them completely from your diet. 
2. Support carbs with more proteins and vitamins. 
3. Master the art of portion control. 
4. Drink lots of water. 
5. The slightest exercise help. Walk/run/jog more than you drive/take public transportation, and Dance a lot. 
6. If you feel hungry, drink water. Sometimes our bodies interpret thirst as water. 

 Remember; minimize, don't exclude.  

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