Five Red Flags To Look Out For In Friendships

Five Red Flags To Look Out For In Friendships

 By Angel Yaki

These days, the concept of friendship is becoming scary. You just don't know who is who. Identifying fake friends can be hard these days because they're such good actors. Sometimes though, there are breaks in character and those little breaks are about to be exposed to you.

Here are five (5) signs that your friend is not really your friend.

(1) You do all the connecting; Some people ignore this sign. If you're the only one texting this person all the time, you're the only one calling, the only one who ever wants to meet up, the only one putting anything onto the friendship. Maybe they only call you when they desperately need your help... you're friends with yourself sis. Your friend should reciprocate that energy except they're sick or something.

(2) What's the big deal? ; If this person belittles your achievements, never seems happy for you, always questions the big deal with your success, they're not your friend girl. Especially if instead, they project your flaws more.

(3) They treat you differently; If they treat you one way when you're alone and another way when you're around people, then you have to be careful. If they're mean when around other people, they might not want people to know you're friends. If they're only nice in public, they might just be friends with you for showing off.

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(4) They badmouth their other friends; If they're constantly telling you bad things about their other friends, constantly making them look bad, you have no guarantee that they don't talk about you like that behind your back.

(5) They always put you down; They're not your friend if they keep emphasizing on and sometimes exaggerating your flaws. They're always making you feel bad for literally anything, making you look bad in front of others, drawing others' attention to your flaws or any tiny thing you did wrong.

Now that you know these signs, you need to watch out for these kind of friends and make better friends from mow on; friends that celebrate your wins and reciprocating your energy.

Do you know someone with any of these traits? Tell us in the comments!

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