13-year-old Junior Secondary School Girl Jailed On Mistaken Identity Sues Instagram, School For N124.5m

13-year-old Junior Secondary School Girl Jailed On Mistaken Identity Sues Instagram, School For N124.5m

A 13-year-old junior secondary school girl jailed on mistaken identity had dragged her school and Instagram to court

The girl said she was subjected to a humiliating conditions by the experience she went through which forced to start learning remotely

Nia Whims was arrested after her classmate impersonated her on Instagram and started threatening her school 

A 13-year-old girl jailed for two weeks after her classmate impersonated her on social media and threatened their school has sued her school and social media company, Instagram. 13-year-old Nia Whims from Pembroke Pines was framed for threatening to bomb her school in November last year and was placed in juvenile detention for 11 days. 

She was cleared after the police authorities found out that the threats had been made by a classmate who pretended to be her. 

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On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, the teen and her mother, Lezlie-Ann Davis, declared their lawsuit against her school, Renaissance Charter School, Instagram and its parent company, Meta. 

The lawsuit says that Nia was exposed to painful circumstances during her stay at the Juvenile centre. She claims an older inmate at the centre threatened to stab her during a disagreement over chocolate. According to the court filings, it was claimed that Instagram forgot to immediately turn over information to the authorities. 

The JSS 2 student said that the experience left her horrified and feeling anxious and that she is now learning remotely. The Police was finally able to arrest a fellow student, a 12-year-old classmate who framed Nia.

The suspect could not be named publicly because of her age.

She used Nia’s personal info to create email addresses and some Instagram account accounts under her name. After that, the 12-year-old started sending threats to students at her school including herself in order to cover up the lie. 

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