MUST READ: 6 Tips To Survive Internship Season In Nigeria

How To Survive Internship Season In Nigeria

By Moferewaju

It’s internship season and a lot of youngies and Gen z’s are out there trying to complete their hours or get it over with. So if you’re the intern that’s  looking to have fun , be more serious, become active or just ride on vibes and Insha Allah.  Whatever your mindset is concerning your internship this article is for you.

Let's get down to the truth,  Working in an office setting might come off as strange and scary to some of you. I mean meeting new people, learning new things and waking up at ungodly hours trying to beat traffic must be a plunge in the deep waters. It would be nice to have a map that helps navigate this jungle and that’s exactly why you are reading this right now.

Although we acknowledge the presence of the explorers who have been working part time while school was in session you already know the drill and probably know your way around this environment.

For the first time intern here are few tips for you to maximize the few months of internship and gather a glowing proof of work for your supervisors:

Tip 1: Set goals

Tip 2: Be friendly and willing to learn

Tip 3: Watch and learn

Tip 4: Ask questions

Tip 5:Be professional

Tip 6: Keep track of your projects


Most internships come with a fixed number of hours that should be completed, this is usually discussed with  supervisors or level course advisors. Besides having this target in view it is advisable to have your personal goals that you're looking to achieve and decide on ways to achieve these goals that you have set. Another reason to have goals is that they help keep you on track and focused in the task at hand.


Resist the urge to be the buzz kill in the office, as soon as introduced to the team you will be working with, assume the friendly disposition of someone that’s ready to work and make friends. We have all seen the memes and TikTok videos going around, don’t be the intern that’s never busy, sits alone scrolling on Instagram with a frown plastered on your face.

This is an opportunity to groom and hone your communication skill, Mister and Miss resting bitch face.

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While you’re new to the workplace and not very close to anyone you may feel a little bit sidelined, especially in a firm where it seems like everyone is on top of their tasks and no one needs help. In cases like this if you really want to make the most of this opportunity you should be ready to ask questions, take up the position of the office curious cat and ask loads of questions that would lead to you assisting on a task or even take it upon yourself to offer assistance around the office. That way you learn a lot and become better at what you do, it's a foolproof plan.


In this GEN Z era where we’re known to throw caution to the wind and talk, act and work like we want to. While this remains to be proved, it is important to study the work culture of the organization, is it a traditional type or casual type workplace? How do the present employees act around the office? What is the work culture? What’s the dress code and how can you fit in rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

I reiterate, resist the urge to go to the office in sweatpants and bum shorts if that's not the existing workplace dress code.


This is a very important point that should be minded. As an intern there is little to no hope of being retained in the firm you are currently working so it’s wise to keep track of all the tasks that you performed while at the office and to properly document and review them with emphasis on those you enjoyed more than others, those you should work more on and those you found harder to understand and comprehend. 

This could potentially tell you if you should pursue a career in that line or not and it also gives you a boat load of proof of work to impress your supervisor.


With all said and done, being an intern in Nigeria is a tough task, we won’t lie, there's a lot of new things to learn, bosses to impress and traffic to conquer. It can be totally frustrating and overwhelming so we’d advise you to relax and take each new day as it comes… basically, be Gen Z.

Use these tips to gain new direction and cheer up for it gets better from here.

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