12-year-old Battles Facial Tumour, Family Seeks Help

12-year-old Battles Facial Tumour, Family Seeks Help
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Tope Ajayi, an Ondo State resident, has expressed concern about the deteriorating health of his son, Femi, who is currently suffering from a facial tumor.

The 12-year-old has been suffering from pain and swelling for over three years and has yet to begin secondary school due to the condition.

Tope, who lives in Ikare, Akoko, Ondo State, revealed that Femi began experiencing eye pains when he was nine years old.

"He's been battling the ailment for three years," the sad father explained over the phone to PUNCH correspondent on Monday. It started in late 2019. It started like a pimple on his face close to his eye, and it always hurt him. So my wife pressed it, and before we knew it, it started swelling.

“Before the swelling began, we always pressed the boil as we thought it was a pimple and a water-like substance always came out from it. Gradually, it started swelling. Then we were told that he would undergo an operation.” 

According to Tope, the family attempted to manage the situation by obtaining pain relievers and testing with herbal medicine, but none of these proved effective in alleviating the deteriorating situation.

"We got drugs from pharmacies to relieve the pain," Tope explained.Then one of my father’s friends brought a leaf that we should place on the swelling, but whenever we did it, it caused our son to cry because of the pain. So that was not the solution.”

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Account no: 2119756263

Account name: Ajayi Tunji Sunday

Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Mr Tope can also be reached on 09127259499

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