4 Foods You Should Avoid If You Want Clear Skin

4 Foods You Should Avoid If You Want Clear Skin

By Angel Yaki 

According to Healthline, certain foods that some people eat are part of the factors that cause pimples aside from bacteria, hormonal changes, and the production of keratin and sebum on the skin. Unfortunately, some people don't change their diet before trying different skin care products. When one product does not work, they switch to another one without removing certain foods from their diet.

You cannot get rid of pimples that are caused by your diet without eliminating certain foods to allow your skin care products to work. The following are foods you should avoid: 

1. Remove foods high in omega-6 fatty acids from your diet. They can cause inflammation in your skin, which encourages pimples to develop. Start eating more foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids to lower your chances of having skin inflammation. 

2. Avoid regular consumption of milk and ice cream because they can cause your insulin level to rise. There are some acids in milk that cause your liver to secrete a lot of insulin, which is associated with factors that cause pimples. 
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3. You also need to avoid certain foods that you are allergic to. If your body becomes allergic to certain food and you don't stop eating it, this can cause skin inflammation and pimples. Your immune system erroneously sees this food as a strange thing and begins to fight against it. The molecules in your body can cause some sensitive reactions on your skin, causing pimples to develop. 

4. Cut out refined sugar and carbohydrates. Some of these refined carbohydrates are usually flour-based products such as spaghetti, bread, carbonated drinks, and white rice. People who eat a lot of baked flour-based foods and refined sugar have a higher chance of getting pimples. This is because too much insulin in your body can help pimples develop. Eating excess refined sugar can spike your blood sugar level. Your body produces more insulin as your sugar level rises. If you don't want your insulin to rise, you need to cut down on your sugar intake. 

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