This Is Why Money Cannot Buy Love

This Is Why Money Cannot Buy Love

 By Yaki Angel @i.amangell

"Leave love, make money and girls will come to you".

I cannot begin to express how ridiculous this statement is. In fact, I think it's just a quote that heartbroken men use to console themselves.

Money cannot buy love, no matter how much you own. I've said this severally.

The worst thing that would ever actually happen to you, is thinking that the way to a woman's heart is money because you will only end up getting heartbroken and stolen from.

Women still love love, they still want romance, and you'd be damned to think money can replace those things, they will only take your money and move on when they've had enough, or when you no longer have.

Haven't you heard of women who collect money from their rich sugar daddies and give their broke boyfriends?

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Have you not heard of women that collect money from rich men and use it to sponsor the boys they like?

Even if they get married, have you not heard of married women that still have affairs with boys they love?

If money was the way to a woman's heart, most of our parents wouldn't even be married, you can always find love without money. Your heart will skip beats, you'll smile foolishly when you think of the person, you won't be able to stay a day without talking with the person, yes, it's not about money.

The only thing that money can give you on a platter is sex and sex is not love.

Love can come even when you're the most broke, and it's beautiful.

Make money, girls will come, they will come to eat your money, and after eating it they will go their way, If you like, don't learn how to be romantic.

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