EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Self Taught Photographer - Awelewa Charles

EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Self Taught Photographer - Awelewa Charles

From shooting with his mobile phone for two years to owning a professional camera, gaining global recognition, and making money through NFTs, Lagos-based conceptual storytelling photographer, Awelewa Charles speaks with DoreyEpic about his photography journey. 

Briefly tell us about yourself? 

My name is Awelewa Charles, a 23 year old conceptual storytelling photographer from Ekiti, Nigeria but based in Lagos. I am also a graduate of biochemistry from Ekiti State University.

Great! How did you learn and grow in your craft?

I'm a self taught photographer, I learnt by trying and failing. Being consistent also contributed to my growth. 

Hmm, very nice. So, how do you approach storytelling as a photographer and what inspires you to use that method? 

My photographs are inspired from real life experiences and by taking a walk in the shoes of others. It gives me the opportunity to capture emotions and preserve them in a body of art. So, i do that by making use of elements i find around me, lessons learnt and putting them together to tell a story. 

What do you enjoy shooting the most, and why?

I love shooting photographs that tells a story. However shooting animals for the fun of its also thrills me. 

Including snakes, lions and the likes 😂?  
If i have the chance, yes (laughs) 

Where are your go-to settings or locations when you go on a shoot?

I shoot outdoors mostly. Beach, garden, anything outdoor. I like having a natural environment in my photographs. I also like to create beauty in desolate places.

What professional photographers have influenced your work?

Hmm... instead of influencing, I'd rather say motivated me . The likes of Lexonart storytelling, Wale Adebisi's way of utilizing elements, Grace Ekpu's sight, Tatchero's determination to mention but a few.

EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Self Taught Photographer - Awelewa Charles
Shot by @awelewacharles, Instagram

Amazing. Tell us something you struggle with as a photographer and how do you work to overcome it?

Being appreciated for my craft. However, my plan is to remain consistent as i can be, keep getting better so when greatness comes, I'll be prepared for it. 

Briefly share your experience on how you made your first earning with NFT as a photographer?

I got invited by Wale Adebisi, a photographer and friend who paid my minting gas fees after making first sale. I got into the space and two weeks later, a collector who loved my art bought one.

Could you highlight your achievements since you've evolved into mobile photography? 

Connecting with people is the greatest gift photography has given me. My photograph won an award as the best mobile phone photography in the world at 35Awards. I got a gift and recognition from Canon Africa. A beautiful stranger on Instagram also got me my first camera last year after shooting with a phone for two years, and yeah, i made a couple of sales from NFT. 

Do you see NFT as an investment for your work and how do you think it will benefit your arts in the future?

Yes, the income gotten from NFTs helped get a couple of extra equipment to enhance my skills. In future, of course, it's a priceless feeling when an artist gets rewarded for his passion. He feels heard and seen.

Before we wrap up, what are your future goals as a photographer? 

Touching the souls of people and being a voice to others through photography. I also want to gain financial freedom through art so that i can explore places and document stories of people across the world. 


EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Self Taught Photographer - Awelewa Charles
Awelewa Charles













Name: Awelewa Charles

State of Origin: Ekiti State, Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria 

Age: 23 years old 

Career: Photographer

Education: BSc. Biochemistry (First Class Honors), Ekiti State University

Hobbies: Going on adventures, creating art, writing and connecting with people 

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