MCM: Meet Adeoye 'Fantasticks' Iremide, a creative and award-winning entertainer

Meet Adeoye Iremide, a creative and award-winning entertainer

Iremide ‘Fantasticks’ Adeoye is a multiple award-winning actor, versatile creative, media personality, and entertainer. He is a creative with an interest in entertainment, public relations, media, and events.

Fantasticks is a talented actor. He has been nominated and also won awards. He has been a part of numerous movie projects and has taken up major roles as well as acted alongside big names in the Movie industry. He is known for his top-notch interpretation of roles.

He is a performing percussionist, which explains where the name ‘Fantasticks’ comes from. He plays the drumset and talking drum professionally and has performed on major events’ platforms with these instruments. He is talented and has mastered the craft so well.

Fantasticks is also a seasoned event compere. His professionalism mixed with wittiness and great energy makes him a great host for various events. His clients are known to always have a great time whenever he hosts their events. His hosting skills aren’t limited to events alone as he is also a good TV and radio show host.

Iremide ‘Fantasticks’ Adeoye is a creative event producer and has produced different events exquisitely with results to show for it. He has also been on the production team for different successful event projects. 

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He is also a certified Content Developer, PR/Digital marketing strategist, and media communications strategist. He has developed content and ideas for brands. He bags multiple certificates for this and works with various brands and handles media communications for A-list artists.

He is a Creative Director and he has directed different creative sessions ranging from commercials, photo studio sessions, vox pop, interviews, documentaries, skits, short films, and the likes. He is presently the creative director of the merch line #MerchByFantasticks.

He is the producer of the community-based project - Kids on the streets{KOTS}. Which is focused on telling the stories of kids who live and fend off the streets as well as getting some of them help.

He also doubles as a student of Mass Communication in one of the best universities of communication in Nigeria; The University of Lagos.

He is a talented creative who is interested in carving a niche for himself in the film, entertainment, media, and show biz industry.

Fantasticks is keen on using every section of creativity deposited in him judiciously.

Instagram: @fanta.sticks
Twitter: @_fantasticks
YouTube: The Brand Fantasticks.

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