I Miss Holding My Annual Iseoluwa Live In Concert - Iseoluwa Abidemi

I Miss Holding My Annual Iseoluwa Live In Concert - Iseoluwa Abidemi

On her official Instagram page at @officialiseoluwaabidemi you see her vibing to favourite gospel songs local and international, giving out nuggets from her Sunday Bible Study and verses chapters from the bible. 

But there’s more to this teen Nigerian gospel singer/songwriter, Iseoluwa Abidemi who catapulted into the limelight following the release of her self-titled eponymous single album, exploits and maiden live music concert at 13 in 2017. 

In this interview with TOMI FALADE, she rel#veals how staying active on social media is keeping her from missing Nigeria. 

What’s been happening to your music?

Music was pending because I just relocated to the UK and I’m settling into school. This is a new environment. But I have been very active on social media. 

How are you settling in, adapting to your new environment?

There are so many new things to get adapted to. Like the weather, food, the people but so far, God has been faithful.

You’ve stayed pretty active on social media, and you recently celebrated reaching 300K followers on Instagram. How do you balance academics and music with your social media engagements? Doesn’t it affect your studies?

I woke up one morning asking my mum what to do to keep my Instagram busy, and she told me go to God for the direction that when I ask Him, He will give me directions. So I started a Bible Study every Sunday that helped my page. I’m honestly very grateful for having fans that support me and for my social media growing all the way to 300,000 followers. As for it affecting my studies, the answer is no. Because I’m in college now, I don’t have classes every day so I use my free days most times to attend to my social media, then my mum checks what I post. She also gave rules and regulations about my social media, which I try not to break. That way, I’m keeping things separated.

You turned 17 a few weeks ago, how do you feel about your new age? 

Yes, I turned 17 last year on December 18 and it feels good knowing I am growing with so many responsibilities and as the first child. A lot is expected of me, but I am grateful to God.

Are any of your siblings into music, or doing things related to music as well?

Everyone has one passion or the other. My brother is into sports, and my other sister seems to be showing serious interest in fashion. As for the baby of the house, her height gave her an easy breakthrough into kids modelling.

How are you finding school abroad?

School is fine. All I do is study and study. That is all about school. I recently graduated from High School and I’m now in college. I’m going to spend two years in college before I move straight to University. 

Is your dream to study Law still in place?

Yes, by God’s grace, through Christ who strengthens me. My dream to study Law and become a lawyer is still intact and it will always be. 

What do you miss about Nigeria?

I miss my annual concert (Iseoluwa Live in Concert). I miss some artistes that I am very close to, I miss African food too. Yes, I eat them here but it is not like the real deal. I miss my home church, there’s no place like home. I think the one thing I miss the most is my grandma’s cooking. Also, maybe a few friends here and there, but I guess we all grow out of that.

Does it mean your mum’s cooking over there doesn’t match your grandma’s own?

It does, but you can’t really find the ingredients that you will find easily in Nigeria. It definitely does, my mum is the best cook in the world. 

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What’s top on Iseoluwa’s list at the moment?

On the list for Iseoluwa is school. I’m planning to hit the studio soon though. I also just launched an online jewellery store, called MoonGem, and all the jewellery is single-handedly made by me from top to finish. My pieces of jewellery consist of all sorts to match people’s original style. It’s not just something that you are forced to buy to match what you picked out, it is your style, something you can wear every day. It consists of colours, gems, beads, and other different sorts of jewellery. I also plan to finish studying the whole Bible this year, by God’s grace.

When in Nigeria you probably would have had some artistes you wished to meet. Which of them are you looking forward to meeting soon over there?

I am looking forward to meeting Travis Greene. I have always looked forward to meeting him. Also, I look forward to meeting any good artiste, not just a gospel artiste. It could be an inspirational artiste. They all hit me in different ways, I mean their songs.

Any words for your fans/followers…

Thank you for believing in me despite the fact that I have not been around. I still feel the love. God bless you all; keep you all in good health. And yes, believe in your dreams. You can achieve those dreams that seem impossible and more, just believe. I love you all and I pray God will help you in Jesus name. I want to add that as much as the Coronavirus is a disadvantage, we must also look at it as an opportunity to stay safe, and move forward to explore your talent, your potential. Search, find yourself, and see what you are capable of. 

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