Cyber Crime: The " Yahoo Movement"- Get Rich Quick 101


Cyber Crime: The " Yahoo Movement"-  Get Rich Quick 101

By Olusoji Margaret 

Cyber crime or Yahoo (now Yahoo Plus) as we all know it as, is one of  the get rich quick methods of the 21st century particularly in Nigeria.

I know you'd agree with me that 2 out of 10 people that you know are either Yahoo boys or date Yahoo boys or are  parents to  a Yahoo boy. 

But what is this Yahoo all about gan, I don't know and you shouldn't know too only if you are a Yahoo boy, LMAO. However, everyone has this made up theory of what Yahoo is about and there are many stories revolving around what Yahoo is and who Yahoo boys are - this is a story for another day though.


How to know a Yahoo boy 101 😬

1. They wear expensive clothes just to buy something from the mall down the street - sigh, so by their clothes ye shall know them 🙂

2. Iphones, I repeat Iphoness!
They are always using iPhones. The "they" here includes them and their babes 😐. Well, this doesn't mean that only Yahoo boys use iPhone in this case wisdom is profitable to 

3. Tinted glass. Their cars have tinted glasses most times.

4. They have been nicknamed Omooba on the streets because they always have something for the boys on the streets.

5. Add this one by yourself 😂. I know you know them.

6.Okay they move in groups most times too (they live together too).

7. And they spend lavishly too and most times they want to buy things for everybody- money wey dem no work for na anyhow dem go spend am 😈

I remember going to buy recharge card of about N700 and this guy out of nowhere just decided he was going to pay for my card. I asked why, just for him to get angry later people told me he was a Yahoo boy blehh 😹 – we should create a questionnaire later about people's experience with these Yahoo boys, should we?

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This leads us to the effect this  "Yahoo movement" has on the present  day Nigerian society:

So because of the seemingly wealthy lives they lead, 40% of the other Jobless youths in Nigeria - kindly note that I am not insinuating that every youth is jobless but let us be realistic at least 50% of the Nigerian youths are jobless due to one reason or the other.

So this 40% of the jobless youths think this yahoo movement is their only means of making it in life but let us be frank, is this their only means of making it in life?  Should it even be an option?

Well for one yahoo is illegal and it is not only illegal, it is punishable under the Law and away from the it being illegal, it is inhumane and it has caused many deaths either directly or indirectly. The truth stands that many have died because  they were duped of their hard earned money.

Presently I know of a movie that preaches the ills of Yahoo to people and the Society - I know you didn't ask me 💀 but I am nice like that, kindly watch "LEGION" on YouTube.

Above all Yahoo is bad for everyone, personally and to the society, do you know most foreigners don't trust Nigerians because of the stories of our fraudulent activities? 

There are many other ways  to make money if we can only just open our eyes to the many opportunities that surround us, truly there are many opportunities that surround us I know it might sound cliche but it is the truth. So Shine ya eye!


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  1. You said it all, 70% of youth now make money through Yahoo.
    Majority of them tells you that they want to make their parents happy especially mothers using that as an escuse for going into it.
    Yahoo is now one out of hundreds of professions in Nigeria. May God help us


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