How To Prepare Tasty Dodo Fritata 😋

Welcome to my blog foodies! 😁😋 Yes, we'll be learning new food recipes on DoreyEpic and everything that has to do with food. One more thing before we proceed... i just wanted to tell you guys that i love food 😔😝

Now to our recipe, we'll be learning how to prepare that tasty Dodo Frittata:

What's a dodo frittata? It's the fried combination of plaintain/dodo and egg.

Step 1

Get a clean pan

Step 2

Cut your veggies including carrot, peas, cabbage, pepper, onions and your plantain.

Step 3

Pour oil into the clean pan and put on medium heat.

Step 4

When the oil is hot a bit, break amount of desired egg into the pan.

Step 5

Add your seasoning and veggies

Step 6

Lastly, add your diced plantain into the egg and let fry for a bit.

Step 7

Wholla! Your Dodo Frittata Is Ready !!!

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