How To Make Turmeric Body Shower For Skin Lightening

Who wants to have that super skin glow? This beauty recipe is for you! We'll be learning how to make turmeric body shower for skin lightening


1. Liquid Castile Soap
2. Glycerin
3. Honey
4. Lemon Juice
5. Carrot juice
6. Pineapple peel
7. Coconut milk
8. Tumeric powder
9. Lavender/Olive oil


1. In a small bowl, add glycerin and tumeric powder and mix well.

2. Add Lavender/Olive oil to the mixture on put on a low heat to the pan.

3. Then add mixture to castile soap (2 cups)

4. Also, add honey, lemon juice, coconut milk and carrot juice.

5. Then boil pineapple peel in a separate pan and sieve out the water and add it to the mixture too.

6. Afterwards let mixture cool and your turmeric body shower recipe is ready!

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