Acrylic Chapter 3 — Adeyemo Eyitayo

Acrylic 3
"How It All Began"
Jimi Agbolade is a retired government worker and his wife Chiamaka Agbolade owns a small shop where she sells provision and it's in care of a salesgirl. Paul's mother is currently the breadwinner of the family — a lot has changed since the past six months which had never happened in twenty-five years of marriage.
"Chi-chi", Jimi calls out to his wife. "Yes, I'm here",  she answers. "Your son is writing his jamb very soon, has he told you?" Jimi asks. "Point of correction... It's 'our son', and he didn't tell me anything of such ". Chiamaka has always been a respectful wife not until he starts to treat her badly. "Whatever.. monitor him so he chooses the right course... I mean the one I want for him". Jimi wants Paul to study medicine since his SS1 but the poor boy is not in support of his father, his mother on the other hand wants him to study medicine to prove to his father that he's not as lazy as he thinks. "If I may ask, I don't remember you telling me when your parents made choices for you of what you wanted to study in the higher institution... Or did they?", Chiamaka hisses. "Oh...great.. I see you are the one misleading him abi? instead of him to read his books, he roams about carrying paint brushes and poster colors!... Shameless mother and son". Jimi says in annoyance. "Before you call me and my son shameless Ehnnn... first you should be ashamed of yourself for having an affair outside wedlock with someone twice my age!... Do you think I won't find out? Mtchewwww". Jimi arouses in anger and gave a reply that brought his wife to tears. "That's because you aren't capable enough!".
Imoleayo, Paul's elder sister meets her mother sobbing gently in a small garden at the backyard of their well-built bungalow. "Mummy, what did dad say to you this time?". Now, it's obvious that both Imoleayo and Paul are aware of how their mother is being treated by their father. "Aren't you supposed to be writing your final exams?"— surprised to see her daughter unannounced. "I'm done with my exams... What happened mum?". "Really? My girl is now a certified lawyer, give me a hug dear", Chiamaka tries to change the topic meanwhile she's happy that Imoleayo's finally true with her exams. "Dad is going too far with this... I will not tolerate this any longer". Imoleayo fusses with anger. "Stop! No more words against your father, Let God punish him". Chiamaka strictly warns Imoleayo.

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