Acrylic Chapter 2B — Adeyemo Eyitayo

"Uhm... this meeting was supposed to be held in Dubai, thanks to Miss Phoebe who changed the venue back to Nigeria due to some issues... We're also deeply sorry for the inconvenience, I mean to those who have prepared well for the trip". Paul says.
Now the whole the hall is completely a graveyard as no single sound was heard from anyone, Paul begins his speech:
"It's a thing to have a dream, it's another to fulfill it. All you need is to support and encourage yourself to fulfill that dream 'cause trust me, not everyone's gonna like your dream.. nor support it. You're definitely going to find the necessary help you need but somehow or sometimes, comes from those you do not expect". Paul talks out of his personal experience.
"People would ask me, sir, what do you do for a living? and I'd tell 'em... I'm an artist and they'd say 'really?'. Of course! I'm not a doctor nor a lawyer nor a politician... But I can pay double the salary of a banker. Why? It was my life... painting was my whole life. If I had chosen to become a doctor like my parents wanted maybe I wouldn't have been so wealthy and popular, because I wasn't destined for it".
"Wooaahh!, c'mon...the best speech ever ", a guy from the back seat commends.
The meeting's over and Paul drives back home. "You did it! I'm so proud of you". Charles gives him a hug. "Wait a minute.. did you see it? ", Paul's surprised. "On TV.. you mean you have no idea the whole speech scenario was recorded?". Charles asks. "Oh my... what the fuck!..what!". "Oh yeah...". Charles laughs loudly. "You're making a fool out of me... Uhn?.. I'm going to bed, good night".

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