Euthanasia — Justifiable or Non-justifiable?

The popular 'mercy killing' or 'assisted suicide', is still a controversial topic on whether it should be opposed or supported.

Countries like Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and USA are some of the most common states known to legalize euthanasia. However, voluntary euthanasia (the termination of life at the patient's consent) is legal in all countries while its vice-versa is usually considered murder and illegal in all countries.

In some African countries the support for effective euthanasia is almost non-absent.

Through research it is seen that the major source of opposition to euthanasia is Religion. Religious institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church, condemns euthanasia as morally wrong and is considered murder no matter the motive. Most Protestant and Orthodox Churches has also opposed to this act and it is unacceptable within the church.

Meanwhile, in many societies, the act of mercy killing is to prevent unbearable suffering especially from an incurable illness such as Cancer.  

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