Gender Equality, YES or NO — Popular Social issues

In today's modern society, the issue of gender equality has still not been resolved has there are serious arguments on the topic everyday. The Objective of gender equality is said to be based on the fact that both women and men have the equal conditions for realizing their full human rights,  contributing to and benefiting from, economic, social, cultural and political development.

On the outlook, there seems to be lack of equal valuing especially by African societies of the similarities and differences of men and women, the roles they play which is basically based on women and men being full partners in their homes, communities and societies.

A pity that women are put under male dominance as mere objects and people with no self-worth. This has given rise to feminist groups and feminism, fighting for women in setting their own agendas, gaining skills,  building self-confidence,  solving problems and developing self-reliance without depending on the male gender.

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