MUST READ: Romanticising Your Life as a Final Year Student in a Nigerian University


Here are 5 ways to romanticize your life as a Final year student in a Nigerian university

By Moferewaju 

University life in Nigeria is an experience a lot of us would hold dear to our hearts and reminisce on as the good old days, this is where we probably felt the most freedom especially if we had the opportunity to live in the dormitories provided by the school or apartments of our own.

Nigerian universities especially public owned can get tiring as you go along in the years from freshmen year to final year and within those years a lot is sure to have happened from the incessant strike actions that plagued the system to the most recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

Hence in the midst of the chaos and forceful extra years there is a need to do something different, especially as a final year or penultimate student. That something I would recommend is taking steps to romanticize your final years in school and make the experience bearable and fun.

Romanticizing is the act of dealing with or describing in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; this means an attempt to make something  seem better or more appealing than it really is. Armed with this definition lets make your final years in the university a blast.

Here are 5 ways to romanticize your life as a Final year student in a Nigerian university:

Create Planners: Personalized planners is an artful way to romanticize your life. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, This is your cue to get journals and start planning everything and anything. Creating planners is a good way to learn to prioritize tasks , prioritize self care and anything else that would require dedicating time to carrying out.

It’s a way to give every activity in your life their place and you a sense of purpose and the feeling of accomplishment.

Create a playlist for everything: Music is a way into the soul and creating playlists is a way to chart a path into your soul. If you are a lover of music then let it be your anchor and take you to places you would rather be. You should create a study playlist, workout playlist, cooking playlist, meditation playlist and as many as you can think of.

This can be your escape from reality and that is very much welcome in this part of the world.

Start a new series at the beginning of the semester: Contrary to what people may tell you, watching movies during the school semester will not suck your grades away but can be turned into a weapon to keep you focused. Seeing a new series may help keep you centered and focused and can also be used as a form of reward for completing a task you needed to tick off. You could go further to center the series around the course you study in order to reduce the feeling of guilt you may feel.

Decorate your space : This is where it gets fun, in this age of content creation it is important to create a space you feel awake just by looking at. Most dormitories have spaces allotted to students and yours can be transformed however you like it. 

You could put stickers on your wall, buy and decorate your study desk, Get curtains or change your bed covers into the colors you may like . it’s all to get you in a great headspace to get up and go…or lie in bed for a while to admire your sanctuary.

Document everything: Pick up your camera and record!record!record!, make memories last longer by recording them and uploading them to your social media . That's a good way to keep your memories forever and it will definitely be something to look back and smile about years or months after

The fun does not stop there, try these tips and as you go you will discover that you can do much more to make the most out of your final years in a Nigerian university.

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