Positive Disruption In Nollywood: Multichoice Talent Factory, Netflix and AMVCA Leading the Way

Nollywood broke the internet last week with the release of the epic Yoruba movie Jagun Jagun which was released on Netflix

By Moferewaju 

Nollywood broke the internet last week with the release of the epic Yoruba movie Jagun Jagun which was released on netflix, it had everyone talking about both the good and the bad sides. Within 48 hours of the release, Jagun Jagun began to trend in the United Kingdom and seventeen other countries including Nigeria.

Nollywood has been on a roll this past year up till before Jagun Jagun, starting with the remake of Living in bondage, Glamour girls, blood sisters and many others that Nigerians have truly enjoyed and have explicitly explained.

Nollywood series are also game changers and have become more thrilling and captivating enough to make one commit to watching a series of over 100 episodes, the accused would be WURA, the drama which airs on Showmax and has not left the lips of Nigerian drama lovers.

Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world after Bollywood in India as it produces more than 2,000 movies each year and has an estimated annual revenue of $1.2 billion, making it one of the biggest and growing film industries in the world.

But recently the tune has changed and Nollywood has seen a burst of growth that no one could have seen coming given the track record in place, now this leads one to wonder what are they doing right and where the motivation to create an enviable Nollywood comes from.

It's fantastic to see the growth and evolution of Nollywood, and it's clear that these three platforms – the AMVCA, Netflix, and Multichoice Talent Factory – have played a significant role in driving positive changes in the industry. Let's delve a bit deeper into how each of these platforms has contributed to the transformation of Nollywood:

1. AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards):

The AMVCA is not only a prestigious awards show but also a platform that recognizes and celebrates the talents and creativity within the African and Nigerian movie industry. By honoring exceptional performances, storytelling, and technical excellence, the AMVCA motivates filmmakers, actors, directors, and other industry professionals to continuously strive for excellence. It provides a goal for artists to aim for and an opportunity to gain recognition for their hard work, which in turn boosts their motivation and commitment to improving the quality of Nollywood productions.

2. Netflix Collaboration

Collaborating with Netflix has opened up a global stage for Nollywood movies. By showcasing Nigerian films on an international streaming platform, Nollywood gains access to a vast and diverse audience beyond its traditional boundaries. This exposure not only brings in more revenue but also raises the profile of Nigerian filmmakers and actors on the global stage. The collaboration also pushes filmmakers to meet higher production and storytelling standards, as they are now competing on an international level.

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3. Multichoice Talent Factory

The Multichoice Talent Factory has had a direct impact on grooming the next generation of Nollywood filmmakers. By offering training and mentorship in various aspects of filmmaking, it equips aspiring content creators, directors, cinematographers, and other professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to produce high-quality films. This initiative addresses the industry's need for skilled and technically proficient individuals, contributing to the overall improvement of Nollywood's production standards.

While these three platforms are indeed catalysts for change, it's important to acknowledge that the growth of Nollywood is also attributed to the collective efforts of filmmakers, actors, producers, writers, and other industry stakeholders. The determination to create captivating stories, embrace new technologies, and push creative boundaries has played a crucial role in elevating Nollywood to its current status.

As the industry continues to evolve, it's likely that further innovations, collaborations, and initiatives will emerge, contributing to the ongoing success and transformation of Nollywood.

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