Ayemobuwa elected as President of Niger Delta Students’ Union Government

Ayemobuwa elected as President of Niger Delta Students’ Union Government

An Ondo state indigene, ldowu Ayemobuwa, has emerged as the new President of the Niger Delta Students’ Union Government (NIDSUG).

Ayemobuwa, fondly known as Hero, emerged after an intense and fiercely contested national unity convention that brought together student leaders from all corners of the Niger Delta Region.

The President’s victory marks a significant milestone in the history of NIDSUG, as he becomes the first candidate from his state, Ondo State, to hold the prestigious position.

His campaign slogan, “Unite, Elevate, Prosper for a GREATER NIDSUG” resonated with the delegates and struck a chord with the diverse student population across the nation.

Throughout the convention, delegates engaged in passionate debates about the future direction of NIDSUG and the critical issues facing students in Nigeria today.

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The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, as young leaders voiced their opinions and visions for the union’s future.

Ayemobuwa, presented a comprehensive and inclusive roadmap to foster unity among Nigerian students and strengthen the union’s advocacy for educational reform.

His vision extends beyond the conventional role of a student union, aiming to empower students not only academically but also in entrepreneurial and leadership development.

In his acceptance speech, he expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from fellow students and emphasized that his leadership would prioritize dialogue, collaboration, and collective action.

The new President promised to work tirelessly to ensure that every student’s voice is heard, regardless of their background or institution.

Source: Vanguard

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