WhatsApp develops feature to enable users add 30-secs voice note as status

WhatsApp develops feature to enable users add 30-secs voice note as status

A new feature by Meta will now allow WhatsApp users to send out a 30-second long voice note as a status on their WhatsApp updates.

According to the update, the new feature aims to give options to users who prefer talking and having their voices heard the option of replacing their WhatsApp statutes with their own customized voice notes.

Just as it's done with voice notes, users will just have to tap the microphone icon on the status screen, do their recording and upload as they want on their status.

According to WhatsApp, the development comes amid the increase in voice notes by most WhatsApp users.

Whatsapp further revealed that in 2022, an average of 7 billion voice messages were sent daily, indicating that many users prefer talking to typing thus the need to recreate the update on WhatsApp status.

Apart from the voice notes option, WhatsApp also revealed it will be rolling out other features to create a better user experience for its millions of users.

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One such feature is the Private Audience Selector, a feature that provides users with the flexibility to set their privacy settings per status so they can choose who views their status each time they update it.

WhatsApp has added status reactions to provide users with a faster way to respond to status updates from their friends and close contacts.

“Users can now quickly reply to any status by swiping up and tapping on one of eight emojis. You can of course still reply to a status with text, voice messages, stickers, and more,” WhatsApp stated.

Other features include the Status Profile Rings for New Updates. This ring, which is already visible on some WhatsApp-enabled phones is present around some contacts’ profile pictures whenever they share a status update. It will be visible in the chat lists, group participant lists, and contact info.

The Link Previews have also been made available on Status as it allows users and contacts to see a visual preview of the link content sharted, just like when you send a message. Visual previews make your statuses look better, and also give your contacts a better idea of what the link is before they go ahead and click.

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