“I prefer acting to modelling" – Natse Jemide

Actor, Natse Jemide, popularly known as Reggie for his role in  ‘Far from Home’, has said he prefers acting to modelling.


Actor, Natse Jemide, popularly known as Reggie for his role in the popular Netflix’s first Nigerian Young Adult Drama Series, ‘Far from Home’, has said he prefers acting to modelling. 

The model cum actor, who spoke during an exclusive chat with Midweek Entertainment, noted that, unlike modelling, acting gave more room for creative exploration.

Jemide said, “I prefer acting to modelling. Modelling is fun, especially at the international level; I love the club, fashion, putting up a show together, going out and getting all those reactions, but it is limited as to what you can do as an individual.

“As a model, you sure pose, walk and others but acting is 10 times all of that. Acting is more creative, especially if you have a good director. Directors in the ‘Far from home’ were very good and open to ideas, which is a good thing for actors.

“Most of the things I said were my own coined sentences. I was allowed to say this is how I would love to approach this character, this is what I would love to say in this situation, this is a better choice of words and it was good.

“Acting gives you more space to be creative. It is also more long term, unlike modelling which is age dependent, where you would always get this feeling that it could end at any time, acting is what I see myself doing my entire life.”

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Narrating the challenges he encountered before attaining his current level, Jemide, who said he did not grow up thinking he would end up an actor, stated that it was tough for him figuring out who he was.

He said, “It was challenging coming to terms with who I was. I studied law so it was challenging transitioning from law to something else.

“I looked forward to having a corporate job but then transitioning out of that and getting my parents and people around me to get used to what I was changing into was like a shock to them. When I was in school, the plan was to make money on time and enjoy it later. I had the plan.

“But I realised that the system of waking up early to the same place, meeting the same people, wearing a suit, wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy school, the monotony, you can’t say this or that and all the rules.”

Jemide said as he grew older, he realised that traditional work was just an extension of school in terms of the vibes, and the same kind of energy, adding that as a creative person, he did not want that kind of lifestyle.

“He added, I looked for what would give that feeling that I wanted, it wasn’t necessarily modelling and acting it was being in the creative industry, I realised I was a creative person and that was it.”

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