Fun Facts About Dinner

Fun Facts About Dinner

By Grace Dejimodo 

Nothing tastes better at the end of the day than a sumptuous meal. The word "Dinner" is referred to as a formal evening meal.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was initially referred to as the main meal of the day often served about midday. However, when more and more people began working in factories and other time-consuming industries, the custom of having the main meal during the day started to fade away.

Instead, individuals began to shift their main meals to the evening during the 20th century and till date.
A lot of people do not realize the difference between Dinner and supper. While the term"dinner" is used to describe a formal meal eaten around noon or at night. A less formal and light meal is served for supper in the evening.

After a long day of activities and functions, eating dinner helps your body maintain its levels and functions. Skipping dinner or eating an excessive amount of it is unhealthy.

Healthy Dinner ideas include; Plantain porridge, jollof rice, semovita/eba with okra soup,spaghetti with beef stew, fish with yam stew, and rice and stew topped with veggies .

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