Nollywood Actress, Esther Uzodinma Celebrates 20th Birthday In Style

Nollywood Actress, Esther Uzodinma Celebrates 20th Birthday In Style

One of Nigeria's finest young actress, Esther Uzodinma is celebrating her 20th birthday today. 

Taking to Instagram, she shared stunning photos of herself to mark her special day. In a follow up video post, Esther penned an appreciation note to herself. She wrote in part: 

"I see you and I love you so much. You don’t know how Much, you’ve put this life together without a journal and you are still sailing, who knows if you will be creating a map for people as well, the zeal and effort you put into your work .. girlllyyyyy you don’t give yourself credit and I should smack you for that 😈!

You are a phenomenal actor, yes I say it boldly because you love what you do and you want to learn and you want to be better. The zeal and effort you channel towards work is inspiring! You were made for this! Scratch that ! You ARE MADE for this. You have the world at you feet darling!

I can see how excited you are! They might not get it but i see your gut feeling, I just have a feeling that things are changing it’s a new era and with everything you are putting together, things will change. a brighter future awaits you.
Go and conquer!..."

Esther is a Nollywood actress, Host, TV presenter, Content strategist and a brand ambassador.She is well known for her role as 'Angela' in popular African Magic TV Series, "My Siblings and I" starring alongside Tomiwa Tegbe and Tobi Makinde.

Happy 20th Birthday to Esther Uzodinma, From all of us at Dorey Epic. 

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