Mob Vandalise Vehicles As Truck Crushes 10 Lagos Students, Police Declare Two Dead


Mob Vandalise Vehicles As Truck Crushes 10 Lagos Students, Police Declare Two Dead

There was pandemonium on Tuesday when a truck driver reportedly crushed no fewer than 10 students on Ogunnusi Road, Grammar School Bus-Stop, Lagos State.

It was learnt that the students were going home after closing from school around 2pm when the truck ran over them. 

Reports has it that the driver of the white truck was being chased when he lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the pupils, who were by the roadside.

The driver, who took to his heels after the incident, was reportedly caught at Aguda — about two kilometres from the scene of the incident — by some students and youths who accosted him and later handed him over to the police.

The truck, which was loaded with soap, was set ablaze.

A student of Ojodu Grammar School,  where the victims were coming from, claimed that 17 students died, while several others were injured.

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He said, “I was also at the bus stop trying to buy doughnut while the other students were trying to cross the road. Some boys had crossed earlier, so they were at the other side of the road abusing the female students for not being smart enough to cross like them.

“The students gave the truck driver a sign to wait for them to cross, but it didn’t stop and the truck crushed 17 of them to death, while some were injured.

“The driver did not wait, so other students and adults chased the driver to Ogba, where he was arrested and his truck was burnt.”

A commercial motorcyclist, who witnessed the incident, said he saw 15 dead bodies.

He said, “I have never witnessed such a terrible thing in my life. I saw 15 pupils lying lifeless on the floor. The incident occurred around 2 pm.”

A riot broke out when policemen deployed in the scene fired tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd.

Angry youths subsequently broke the windscreens of about 10 trucks plying the road and beat up one of the drivers.

Bonfires were also made on Aina Street, close to the Ojodu Police Station.

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