Nigerian Boy Passes WAEC With 8 A1’s, Seeks Help to Further his Education

A young boy, Praise Ojonugwa Abba, has proven that there are still smart people in the country as he had A1 in eight WAEC subjects and a B3 in the English Language. This means he had distinctions in his WAEC result.

Nigerian Boy Passes WAEC With 8 A1’s, Seeks Help to Further his Education

He had these distinctions in grades in subjects like mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Praise hails from Kaduna state and had done his secondary education in Kaduna as well. He has expressed his desire to study medicine at a university. 

An appeal has gone viral on his behalf. It is directed to people who could be of aid in helping him achieve his dreams of furthering his education.

The contact of Praise was given as 09077643439.

The appeal reads partly as follows:

“Please, if this is the only kind you could show to humanity. Please do it for this young child. No one knows him but you could help project him to the world. I know we still have good and kind-hearted people in this country that can support him to achieve his dream. He needs support to study medicine in Nigeria or outside the country. We can help him achieve this dream and service humanity in our country”. 

This is an opportunity to encourage bright students to go on. An aid to Praise will go a long way in inspiring other students. We can not watch people like Praise and his intelligence go to waste.

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