"My Friends Sometimes Laugh At Me" - 18-Year-Old Girl Who Washes Tankers to Save Money for School


"My Friends Sometimes Laugh At Me" - 18-Year-Old Girl who Washes Tankers to Save Money for School

An 18-year-old girl, Chinyere Isaac who washes tankers to save for school has revealed that some of her friends do laugh at her because she washes the tankers.

The Nigerian girl washing oil tankers near Umuojima Junction, Ne’aba Temple, Kungfu Road, Abia State, said she has been doing this for the past 3 years.

Chinyere said that she took the risk of a humble career to save money for school because her parents were financially unstable.
However, the little girl said that if the money saved is not enough for her to receive education, she will acquire a skill.

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Currently, her family has more worries besides being unable to send her to school. Chinyere expressed concern that her family is homeless and currently lives in an abandoned gas station because they received a notice of resignation at their previous residence.

Although the job is difficult, Chinyere said she is not ashamed of her hustle and bustle. She admitted how friends would laugh at her and said that people should understand that not all fingers are equal. She saw in her dream that she was washing an oil tanker. Chenier revealed that before she started cleaning the tanker, she first sought permission from her parents.

After getting a nod, she learned to do the job from her brother, who also lives by washing tankers. 

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