Human Rights Activist Appeals On Behalf Of UNILORIN Expelled Student

A Nigerian man and human rights activist identified as Ifade Olusegun has appealed to the management of the University of Ilorin to reconsider the expulsion verdict given to the final year student, Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa of the Department of Microbiology for physically assaulting a lecturer.  

"Without any ambiguity, such despicable act is unacceptable and should not be condone"

"However, if his statement of account with regards to how he missed his SIWES can be verify to be true, which is possible due to indiscriminate arrest and unlawful detention common to Nigerian police, then, it could be a matter of psychological trauma and certainly he made a huge mistake by allowing his frustration to dictate his course of action on that day", Olusegun said. 

According to the statement written by Ifade on social media via Facebook, he said that University is a place to mould and build. Expelling such student considering his final year level is capable of destroying his academy and by extension his life. This could lead to depression or him possibly take solace in crime considering the financial resources needed to start again in this current economy reality, the depressive admission process and possibly lack of motivation to restart.

"A criminal sent to correctional homes (Prison) by court could be preferable to an expelled student because the former at correctional homes would have the opportunity of being counsel to be a better person than an expelled student left to struggle the next direction of his life alone by the society". 

"I will rather recommend two semesters suspension with a community service within the university with counselling from  appropriate unit while he stays in the school during this period", he added.  

"Our university must start seeing other alternatives beyond expelling students on vices committed because university is to build and in the process of doing such societal responsibility, when any of her student is found wanting in character especially first offender on vices of this manner, helping such to unlearn it and learn appropriate behaviour should be the objective from the gown" 

"If our educational institution keep expelling students when they make mistakes, which other social institution will help the individual to conform to societal norms?". He concluded. 


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