"How I Became An 'A' Student" — KASU Best Graduating Student

How I became an ‘A’ student” is a comprehensive story told by a student, who through hard work and dedication, has proved that nothing is impossible in life.

The writer, having dedicated his life fully to God and his faith and put into practice what he was taught about life came out as the overall best graduating student.

The last conversation I had with my dad was one of those triggers, what I consider today to be the most potent force that brought about the greatest turn of event in my academic life.

Few days before he departed, while he was preparing to travel to his place of work, I took my result to him, not knowing, that would be the last conversation I would have with him.

When I showed him my result (5th position in a class of 32 students), he was not so impressed, evident from his facial expression. However, he responded finally, “You are performing far below expectation. If only you would give closer attention to your academics, I am confident you won’t have trouble hitting the highest grade.” His major concern was that I was still performing averagely despite my gross indiscipline and lack of studies – I literally would not open or flip the pages of my notebook before an exam.

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His last statement to me was a trigger, it fueled me into doing things I had never done before.

Then, as a primary school boy, I would spend the night studying, burning lamp wicks and candles to keep the room lighted. Shortly I discovered I was gaining strength in my areas of weaknesses , gradually, I crawled from the least to the highest position in my academics.

When I got to the university, I knew I needed to do more work and adopt appropriate principles, as the gap between failure and success was getting the right academic principles and putting them to work. I was able to gather the following basic principles from the teachings of Dr. David Oyedepo to be the foundation from whence I built my academic career:

The above principles have expatriated in my article titled, “HOW I BECAME AN ‘A’ STUDENT

In this article, Ededa states issues confronting students and proffers solution to these issues. He perfectly addressed issues on bad association, discipline, exam malpractice and the misconception of being a genius without hard work. Given the quality of the issues addressed in this book, I strongly recommend this book to students at all levels of education as a guide to being academically successful.

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