Corporate And Co: Author, Sandra Ilesanmi Launches Clothing Line

Sandra Ilesanmi Launches Clothing Line


Content writer, author, and brand strategist, Sandra Ilesanmi has launched her clothing line, 'Corporate and Co'

She took to her official Instagram page to announce the opening of her new clothing business. According to Sandra, Corporate and Co is a fashion outlet strictly for corporate wear.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur also shared her experience whilst preparing to set up her fashion brand. "I am that person that wears many hats and a lot of times I find myself overwhelmed by the thing I want to do. I always have a discussion with myself on what to start with, sometimes I reach a conclusion and leave the action part".

"Something changed recently, I concluded on what I want to start with, out of the "many" things I would love to do. This time, I didn't leave the action part. I went into DOING immediately. I told myself I would do it anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you my new business, @corporateandco 💃... ", she wrote.

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Ilesanmi Sandra Oluwapelumi is a graduate of English and International Studies from Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria.

is passionate about promoting an equitable society and helping the vulnerable. She is currently championing a series of programs to improve public secondary school students' experience by providing aids to enable a seamless study experience.

Sandra has authored two books (21 'O'clock and In the Boat) launched on her 21st birthday in April and November 2020, respectively.

Sandra is a brand development and Information technology, enthusiast. After graduation in November 2020, she started training in brand development and Information technology – She would like to have a career in this role. Thus, she is opened to opportunities.

Currently, she serves as an administrative secretary of The Fortune Clinic, an arm of The Beacon Centre. 

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