[Music + Video] Mistletoe - A Christmas Song by Justin Bieber

"Mistletoe" is a Christmas song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber, released on October 17, 2011 😀. 

This is the lead single from Justin Bieber’s second studio album (Under the Mistletoe) which was also his first Christmas album.  

Written and produced by Nasri, and Adam Messinger, 'Mistletoe' is a pop and R&B song with a little bit of reggae fusion in it. 

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In an interview with MTV News years back, Justin Bieber said, "I'm really excited, The song is really catchy. I know all my fans are going to love it. It's something that I feel like they're going to be singing every Christmas."

*Don't worry Justin, we'll be singing it this year too 😁*

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