[Watch Video]: INSPIRE - A Short Film by Olumide Agbaje-daniels

Agbaje-daniels Olumide, popularly known as “itsn3t”, a young cinematographer and you-tuber from Lagos, Nigeria releases yet another trailblazing video content - "INSPIRE"

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According to Olumide, "Inspire" is basically how he and many other people spend their time during this pandemic period by mostly surfing the internet, which is one of the basic way to keep being "seen". 

Some of the things which we do on the internet isn't just for fun; unconsciously, we learn things from movies, twitter posts, Instagram posts, Whatsapp Chats, Google searches etc.

Olumide further stated that the short film depicts the life of a creator, being inspired by what others have done and revealed that the very short film was actually a collection of other videos...

I hope this short film inspires someone out there today.
Believe in yourself and keep being you!
You're amazing.

 Watch Video Below:

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