Stories: Lagos Wedding Wahala [Season 1, Episode 6]


“So you think this was not a theft attempt that went bad…you think it was a deliberate attack?” Biola asked the police detective in charge of the case. “I have no doubt in my head. The man who found Modupe said her attacker was hacking her in the head with a club, while making no attempt to steal her phone, ring, or beat earphone…nothing. What does that tell you? It was a well-planned attack,” the detective maintained. “Do you know of anyone who would want to harm Modupe?” Biola asked Lara. “No, she hardly hurts anyone.” Biola thought for a moment. He rose to his feet and walked to the window. Outside, Modupe’s mother was crying profusely. He could hear her cry from his position, and each tear she cried hurt him deeply. “I will be right back,” he said to Lara and the detective.

He went outside, sat in his car and dialed Bimbo. “Why are you calling me, Biola?” She asked, her voice riddled with acrimony. “Did you do anything to Modupe, our would-be wedding planner?” “What do you mean? What have I got to do with her? Unless you are sleeping with her. Biola, I can’t believe this. You left me for our wedding planner? How long have you been sleeping with her…right under my nose!!! This is too hard for me to take. I am very mad at you!!! I wish I never met you, Biola! You think I did not notice how you looked at her sometimes?”

“I asked you a simple question and you went off on a tangent. Modupe was attacked earlier today and she is in a critical condition. She may die…I hope and pray not, but if anything happens to her, I will come after you with everything I have!” “I knew it…I knew you were sleeping with her. If she is hurt, then she deserves it!!! Husband snatcher! People like her deserve to burn in hell!!!” Bimbo was yelling viciously. “I want nothing to do with you and your Modupe, Biola. Please leave me alone. I don’t care what happens to you or Modupe!”

She did it! It has got to be her, Biola thought after the call. His heart was beating fast as he considered what to do next. He dialed Umar Bello, a top-ranking police officer in Lagos. He and Umar played tennis at the tennis club in Ikoyi. “Umar, I am counting on you. This girl deserves justice. I am convinced that my ex went after her after I had called off our wedding.” “But how did she find out you have feelings for the wedding planner?” Umar asked, as he sought to understand the case better. “I don’t know, but she did say she had seen me look at her amorously. Maybe I did, maybe not, but I have a gut feeling she dug up something. Maybe she followed me to Modupe’s office, or something. I was there yesterday. It would not be the first time Bimbo would follow me on the suspicion that I was seeing someone else.” “I see,” Umar said. He was in a deep thought.

“Did you say her name is Abimbola Busayo Oluremi?” “Yes.” “If I remember correctly from what you told me before, she is the daughter of Chief Dayo Levi Oluremi, right?” “Yes, she is.” “I am afraid; this is not going to be easy. I can’t arrest her right away. Her father is highly connected…up to the presidential level.” “And so is my father!” Biola retorted. “You may want to talk to you father to get in touch with some of my superiors then.” “I can’t talk to my father now. We are not on speaking terms. Umar, this is about justice, and not about who I know, who I am or who Bimbo is. A poor innocent girl was hacked nearly to death earlier today. I believe the Nigerian police should do its job!!!” Biola was boiling with rage.

“You are perfectly right, Biola, but this is Nigeria after all! I would love to do my job, but I have no doubt that her father will get her out in minutes, if at all he would let us lay a hand on her in the first place. Have your father get involved. That might be the only way to resolve this matter…at least; we can get to invite Bimbo over to question her.” Biola took a deep breath. He was shaking in anger. “I will call you back, Umar,” he said despondently. “Okay, I will be expecting your call. By the way, will you be at Ikoyi tennis club this weekend?” “I am not sure yet. I need to get to the root of this matter.” “I understand. If you do show up at the club, we can talk more. In the meantime, I will see what I can find out.”
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When Biola returned to the building, the doctors had further bad news. “She sustained terrible head injuries. She needs to be flown abroad as soon as possible for treatment. If she is not operated soon, she may suffer permanent brain damage!” The doctor warned. “God, wetin I do? (God, what have I done?)” Modupe’s mother shouted as a fresh streak of tears crashed down her face. “Stop crying ma, I will do everything within my powers to get her treatment. I will call some friends to begin visa process for her immediately. I am sure we can fly her out to London in about a week or so for treatment. Doctor, will that help?” “I think so, but if it could be sooner, that might be better.” “I will do my best. Can I see her now?” “No, it is not safe due to the risk of infection. We are watching her closely.”

“Your pad is exquisite!” Isabell declared. “Thank you. I am glad you like it,” replied Seyi. Isabell wore a flamboyant blue, red and white dress that revealed her cleavage glaringly. The dress had a slit that ran all the way to her right thigh, just below her hip. She sat on a couch, stretching her elegant legs to Seyi’s admiration. They had just finished dinner. Seyi’s cook had prepared amala and ewedu soup, which they devoured happily. “Your cook is very good. That is the finest amala and ewedu I have had in a long time. So, what is it you want from me, Seyi?” Isabell asked matter-of-factly. “Well, would you like to be rich?” “Of course, who would not want to be rich?” Seyi knew that Isabel was one of Dayo’s many girlfriends, mostly from UNILAG and LASU. Some UNILAG and LASU female students like Isabell would do anything for money. Dayo was in the habit of frequenting clubs that he knew such UNILAG and LASU girls patronized in their search for rich older men, and his forays had been largely successful. He now had a hoard of UNILAG and LASU girls to pick from.

“I mean, very rich! How about three million naira?” Isabell felt a flutter in her heart. She had never seen one two hundred and fifty thousand naira in a block, so the thought of owning three million naira ignited a volcanic eruption in her mind. Her interest peaked. She sat up, glaring intently at Seyi. “I will blow your mind, if that is what you are referring to,” she said, revealing a bit more of her cleavage. “That will come later, but for now, I want you to do something else for me.” “What is it?” “This will remain between you and I. Before I let you in on the deal, come here,” he said with an air of authority.

Isabell walked across the room to him. All she could see as she crossed the elegantly furnished living room was money – three million naira to be precise. By the time she reached Seyi’s position, her gown was on the floor. Seyi could hardly resist her young, luscious body. He grabbed her like a cat nabbing a mouse. Soon, the two of them were moaning passionately, composing and waxing new songs without demo. After they were through, Isabell asked, “I will do this every day with you to earn the three million naira.” “I keep my word girl. Like I said, this is just the first part. The second part is a bit trickier. I want you to lure Dayo to bed at location where we will have the room wired. I want to get him on tape.”

Seyi studied Isabell’s eyes as their naked bodies rubbed against each other. There was some fear in her eyes. “What if…what if he finds out? I don’t want any trouble.” “There will be no trouble, Isabell. You are a big girl. This is nothing. See, this is how it is going to happen. You will lure him over as a surprise. We will have a room wired at some quiet hotel. You will make love to him in the wildest manner possible. Once he is gone, I will wire five million naira into your bank account.” “Did you say five million naira?” “Yes. I just increased the amount, Isabell. Besides, I will sort out your visa and have you flown to London. No one will ever bother you. You will have money and you will live abroad. If you like, I could send you to the US. Once you are out of the picture, I will confront Dayo with the tape. Not to worry, it is a long story…I just need to have something on my friend.”

Isabell pondered the risk, but the thought of living abroad with so much money to spend was overwhelming. “I will do it.” “Good girl!” “You promise to keep the tape secret and not to confront Dayo, for whatever is going on between you two until I am safely abroad?” “Yes, you have my word. To get things going, I will have your account credited with half a million naira by tomorrow morning, once I have your account details.” “No sir, make that two million.” “Okay, I will make it one million. Once the hotel is wired and you are ready to go, I will wire the next two million to you. Then, once the job is done, you get the last two million just before you leave the country.” “That sounds great to me.” Seyi lowered his head and began to kiss her. Soon, they were making love again. Isabell could hardly sleep all night. Finally, I get to be rich, she thought while Seyi snored endlessly beside her out of fatigue.

Biola got out of the bath and walked to the living room. He turned on the TV while he devoured a plate of rice. He had stopped at Mr. Bigg’s to pick up a few things on his way home. There was a Mr. Bigg’s a few streets away from his house. He was bone-weary. He had kicked things into motion with respect to Modupe’s visa. A visa should be ready for her and her parents in three days to fly to London for an emergency surgery. He was planning on joining them a few days later. He received two different text messages while he was running around to earlier in the day stating that his contracts with Shell and Cadbury had been cancelled. He knew his father was at it again. As he peered at the TV screen, he wondered what next for his accounting firm. His father was quickly killing off his clientele. At the same time, he wondered if everything would work out well for Modupe.



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