Stories: Lagos Wedding Wahala [Episode 9, Season 1]


“I want you to marry Bimbo because she is good for you. We have known them forever, my son. I know that if anything goes wrong, both families will come together and resolve it. Both her father and I want the best for you two. Nothing more and nothing less.” “I don’t believe it, dad, but if you say that is the story, I can’t extract the truth from you. The way you are pushing about it, I have the feeling there is more to that story.” “That is the truth, Biola.” “Then, let me ask you, do you truly want me to be happy? Do you truly care about me? Do you wonder what I want? Do you respect me? You have raised me to be self-reliant, brave and bold and everything you are doing now negates all that you have raised me to live by.”

Seyi contemplated his son’s words for a moment. He knew Biola was right, but he could not fully admit it to him. “Okay son, let’s end this…at least, let’s call a truce for now. Take some time to think about the whole Bimbo thing. If you are convinced after a while that she is not for you, then you may make your own choice. Sometimes, you think you are very sure about something, until you have had time to think it through. Think this through, Biola.” “Thanks dad for at least, allowing me the space and time to ponder my own life without having you breathing down my neck.” “You are welcome, my child.” A short while later, Biola was at the door leaving. “I will have those contracts restored!” Seyi said loudly, but Biola did not reply. He was adamant that it was up to his father to restore those contracts or forget them.

“Dayo, I invited you over to my office to try and resolve things for good,” Seyi said. He was seated behind his desk in an elaborately furnished office on Victoria Island. “If you have failed to convince your son as you promised, then let me handle the matter myself,” Dayo replied with an air of arrogance. “There is no need for that…there won’t be any need for that, Dayo.” “So, he has agreed to rescind his decision?” “Not yet. He is thinking about it. I think he might do so.” “That is not enough, Seyi!!! You are conjecturing. I want answers, concrete answers!!!” Dayo was visibly angry. “I want you to look at something on the big screen on the wall,” Seyi said with a wry smile. “This is not time for movies, my friend. An agreement has been broken and it should be fixed!!!” Dayo continued to bark like a rabid dog. Seyi went ahead to press the remote control, which was pointed at the screen.

A few seconds later, Dayo heard his own voice moaning pleasurably. “What is that? How did you get that?” Isabell!!! I will kill her!!!” “That won’t be necessary, Dayo. She knew nothing about this. I simply followed her knowing where you’d be next as she made elaborate plans to lure you over,” Seyi lied. If anything happens to her, I will make sure the whole world sees this tape. There is more…covering the entire weekend. There is a spot where you made some nasty comments about the president. Let me play that for you,” Seyi said gloatingly. He pressed the remote control a few more times and the spot her was looking for popped up on the big screen. “I am sure you would not want me to pass this on to the president. Now, here is the deal. You are to never release those tapes you have on me…for the rest of your life!!! Two, you should get off my son’s back. If he wants to marry your daughter, that is up to him, and if he does not, so be it, Dayo!!!” It was Seyi’s turn to be assertive, and assertive he was.

Dayo watched helplessly, raging deep within. “My lawyers, exactly six of them are in possession of these tapes. If anything happens to me, my son or Isabell, then you would have left me no choice than to release the tapes. My lawyers have instructions to go public with the tapes should any of us be harmed in anyway. From now on, we will relate on equal footing. I will be just as ruthless as you if you try anything funny!!!”

Dayo stormed out of the meeting in wild rage. He quickly dialed Isabell as soon as he settled into the backseat of his Lexus jeep. Her number was not available. He dialed again, staring at his phone with burning fury. Not even his fiery stare would make Isabell’s phone ring. Seyi had moved her to Abuja as she prepared to leave for London. She already had her cool five million naira in her Bank account and Seyi had generously wired fifty thousand pounds into a London bank account he opened in her name. She also had an apartment waiting for her in Camden, a scenic area in North West London. When Dayo reached home, he quickly called Jimoh, his hitman. “Jimoh, good to see you. It has been a while,” said Akin who was on his way out. “Good to see you too, Akin. Yes, it has been a while. I was in Portugal for a long holiday with the family. We had such a great time. It is good to be back though.” “Welcome back. I was on my way out; I hope to see you soon.” “See you soon, Akin.”

Jimoh walked onto the terrace where Dayo sat sullenly, sipping his Gulder as usual. He was on his fourth bottle of Gulder. Jimoh could smell the reek of Gulder from inside the restaurant as he walked onto the terrace. “You look really troubled, Dayo. I haven’t seen you like this in years. Your message sounded very urgent. What is the matter?” he asked as he sat opposite Dayo, opening a bottle of Gulder for himself. “I am glad you could make it soon enough. I have a biting problem on my hands. Someone is trying to frame me. I will fill you in, in due course. For now, I need you to wipe someone as soon as possible. The girl in that picture,” he said tossing a picture at Jimoh. “Her name is Isabell Idehen. I have been playing with her for some time now; you know what I mean.” Jimoh nodded.

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“She is working with someone to frame me. It hurts a lot. This could potentially harm my ultimate plans, but that is not a matter for today.” Jimoh examined the figure in the picture. Isabell was standing beside a Jeep in the picture, dressed in a blue mini skirt and a yellow top with red flowery patches. She stood atop a pair of high-heeled shoes with a ravishing smile on her face. “While she played around with me, she has kept a boyfriend on the side. I believe she is madly in love with him. I did some digging with one of my boys. The guy’s name is Princewill Oleka. Both he and Isabell are students of UNILAG. While she is studying mass communication, he is a student of Law. Her number and his are on the back of that picture. If you find her, then you’ve found him. Here is a list of some of her closest friends. Do not touch her…I repeat, do not touch her. I want you to find Princewill and kill him. Her turn will come later. For now, she has some protection, but he does not. Kill him…I want her to suffer. The pain of losing him will wreck her. I probably won’t need to go after her once he is gone.” “He is dead meat, oga (sir),” Jimoh assured him.

“Miranda, I am sorry that I could not see you before leaving town. I am not sure when I am returning to Lagos, but whenever that is, I will certainly make time to spend some quality time with you, my good friend,” Isabell promised. She and Miranda were close friends. “What is going on, Isabell? Uzoamaka told me you are flying to the US. Is that true? And you couldn’t even stop by to see me? I can’t believe this. I am not happy with you,” Miranda vented. “I was in your room but you were not there and your number was out of service. You have to bear with me. Please, you really need to bear with me. There is a lot I cannot talk about now. I will explain things to you as soon as I am well settled. Things happened faster than I had planned. Please Miranda, don’t be mad at me. You are my best friend; I value my friendship with you. Please, I am begging you!”

There was a moment of silence over the line as Miranda considered Isabell’s plea. “Okay, I hope you make time to explain things to me later. Where are you now? So you are truly flying to the US?” “Yes, it is true,” Isabell lied. She had been careful not to tell anyone where she was travelling to. “You are not leaving from Lagos? Why is that?” “Long story. Like I said, I will explain later. I am leaving from Port Harcourt,” she lied yet again. Princewill was lying naked beside her on the bed. He wished he could fly with her. He was the only one who knew that she was leaving for London. Isabell had promised to bring him over somehow as soon as she was settled in London.

“So, when do you leave?” Miranda asked. “I leave in six days.” “Then, why can’t you come and see us all in Lagos before travelling? I don’t understand this. Uzoamaka said you were in such a hurry. I really don’t like this, girl, but as you said, you will have to explain yourself to me.” “I will…I promise.” Isabell’s flight was billed for the next three days. She had been careful to keep as much information as possible from her closest friends. She was well aware that Dayo was a dangerous man, so she did not want to take chances.

The next day, Jimoh was at UNILAG in Akoka. He walked into Kofo Ademola Hall and headed for Isabell’s room. When he reached room 304, he knocked gently on the door. He studied his surroundings as he waited. Kofo Ademola Hall and UNILAG had not changed a lot. He once had a girlfriend who lived in Kofo Ademola Hall back in the day. A moment later, a beautiful dark-skinned girl opened the door. “Hi, what can I do for you,” Uzoamaka asked. “I am looking for Isabell Idehen,” Jimoh replied with a calming smile. “She is not on campus at the moment.” “It is very urgent. Do you know how I can reach her?” “Have you tried calling her?” “Yes, but her number is not available.” “I see. I spoke with her yesterday, but who are you?” “Actually, I am from MTN. Isabell entered an MTN draw for which she has won a hundred and fifty thousand naira. I was asked to contact her directly at the address she provided to prevent fraud; you know, anyone may try to collect her prize money.”

“Did you say a hundred and fifty thousand naira?” “Yes.” “Give me a minute, I will be right back.” Uzoamaka returned to the room excitedly and returned moments later with a new phone number. Isabell had quickly switched phone numbers for security reason. “I think you can reach her on this phone number. I think you should call her soon because she might be leaving the country in a few days.” “Really? Lucky girl. Good things are happening to her at the same time. Which church does she go to? Her pastor must be powerful. So, where is she travelling to?” “The USA!” Uzoamaka answered grinning from ear to ear.

Jimoh took note of the information. He rang the number and Isabell’s voice came over the line. Jimoh had done his homework very well through a number of outlets that he normally used when on a job. Isabell had actually entered an MTN draw in which she provided her address. “Is that Isabell Idehen?” Jimoh asked. “Who is this?” Isabell asked suspiciously. She had not given her new number to anyone else other her immediate family, Princewill, Uzoamaka, and Miranda, all of whom had been warned not to share it with anyone else. “My name is Bitrus Birang. I am calling to inform you that you have won one hundred and fifty thousand naira, courtesy of MTN. To prevent fraud, I was sent directly to the address you provided and your roommate, who is here with me, gave me your other number.” “Really? I truly won?” “Yes, you did. I will need to ask you a few questions first to confirm that you are the right person, though.” “Sure, go ahead.”

“What is your middle name?” “Omoyeme” Jimoh was looking at a piece of paper he had in his left hand. Uzoamaka watched with sheer exhilaration. “What is your date of birth?” “May 25th 1989.” “What is the maiden name of your mother?” “Rosaline Ehisuria Orikhi.” “Finally, what is your father’s middle name?” “Osavie.” “Great, so when do you want to come down to our office on Allen Avenue to collect the money. You need to sign some paperwork in person to collect the money.” “Really?” “Yes.” “What if I can’t make it?” “Well, you’d have to send someone. The person in question must show us your signature, signed by you with the answers to the questions I just asked you on the same sheet of paper. Also, you must send us the person’s picture ahead of time so we know what he looks like.”

“Can I send it by email?” “Yes.” “Great. Please could you text me the questions again with an email to which I can send you a picture of the person I am sending.” “Sure, I will do that. Who are you sending?” “I am sending my boyfriend, his name is Princewill.” This was exactly what Jimoh had anticipated. He knew that if she was hiding somewhere before leaving town, she’d be with her lover. “I will send you all that right away. We expect to see him soon enough. He should indicate which day he is coming by notifying me via the same email address I am going to send you.” “For sure, he will do that.” “Please remember me, Isabell,” Uzoamaka shouted just as Jimoh was hanging up. “I can keep the money, right?” Princewill, who had been listening to the conversation asked excitedly. “Yes, you can my love,” replied Isabell as she planted a warm kiss on Princewill’s lips.



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