Eat Healthy: Top 5 Foods That Can Cause Acne

Eat Healthy: Top 5 Foods That Can Cause Acne

Acne is a  very common skin condition among teenagers, adolescents and young adults. Many factors contribute to the development of acne including increased hormones, food intake, bacteria, blocked pores, inflammation etc. 

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Most people usually have acne during puberty stage and for most people it is a tough time for them getting rid of it ! . For instance, girls gets acne most times when thy are close to their menstrual period, during or after. Well, i do not know about anyone else but i dislike acne.. i really do !!! 😖😣😫

So, maybe there's a solution to everyone, young ones battling acne. You might have used a lot of skin care routine to get rid if it and it's not working out, why not try a diet and start eating healthy.

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Top 5 Foods That Can Cause Acne: 

1. Diary Products e.g Milk, Cheese, Ice cream, Yogurt etc 

2. Refined Grains and Sugar: The increase in sugar/insulin levels also pushes the excess sugar into your cells, which in turn causes acne.

3. Junk & Fast Foods: Teenagers and adolescents who consume high amounts of fast food like burgers and fries are known to experience acne.

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4. Fatty & Oily Foods: Foods that extra fat like in meat. The excess oil and fat can lead to an outbreak of pimples and acne 

5.  Animal Protein like chicken, turkey and Foods that contain Omega-6 Fats can also trigger the increase of acne.

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