Profile, Age, Career & Award Of Teenage Singer, Sharon Imogu

How far my people 👐👐. Today, i want you guys to meet, Sharon Imogu aka "Sharon The Singer". She is currently 15 years old and attends International School University of Lagos (ISL).

Sharon is a singer, dancer, You Tuber and an inspirational speaker. According to her, she has been singing for a long time now and does not regret that God blessed her with such talent. 

"God has been so amazing to my family and I, he has taken me places as far as I'm concerned and I look up to him at all times.
I have a large fan base today and I'm grateful to God. I'd just continue to be me.
My advice to people out there, "continuity is key" never give up" - Sharon Imogu 
Third winner, Kids Got Talent Africa Music Meets Runway Online Contest, Teenagers edition 2020 with a cash prize of thirty thousand naira. 

Connect with Sharon on Instagram @sharon_imogu and Subscribe to her youtube channel, Life of Sharon

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