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"Why are you this fat!.. You look like the remains of a tilapia fish.. bla,bla,bla" ; Has anyone ever said this to you because of your weight and size? This article is sure to boost your self-esteem and overcome your depression.

Obesity is the state of being grossly fat or overweight; which might be caused by genetics, food addiction, junk foods, medications, sugar, etc. Over the years, obesity has lead to many serious health problems and even premature death.

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The connection between obesity and social life is the dichotomy of association between people with normal weight and overweight sized people. People tend to associate themselves with slimmer people because they see them as beautiful and fair while the obese ones are usually seen as ugly. 

Societies are to help these people fight their problems and not discriminate them because of issues like emotional breakdown, low self-esteem, depression, separation from others and even suicide.

If you have problems with your weight and you are being made jest of by your peers,  you don't have to worry because they don't own your body! Be yourself, you are who you are created to be, don't think about what anybody says about you and carry on with your daily activities. Do not allow people's opinions to bring you down because they won't bring you up!

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The inadequacy of the society to provide information on health and nutrition could also have contributed to the issue of obesity. 

You know what? You can still fight it!

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