Learn How To Make Yummy "Risky Burger" Recipe

 *Learn How To Make Yummy "Risky Burger" Recipe 


It's Friday guys! 😂 and we will learning how to make a yummy recipe, the "Risky Burger"

Well, i think the name is exaggerated 'cause i call it fried bread 😛. This is a very common food among Nigerian students, i mean we would trade our last penny for it 😏.


1. Bread

2. Sardine

3. Eggs 

4. Butter

5. Groundnut oil

6. Salt

7. Seasoning

8. Dry pepper

Preparation Method:

1. Mix  eggs, salt, seasoning, dry pepper, sardine in a bowl together

2. Place a pan on fire and pour some oil into it.

3. Pour the mixture into the oil and let fry for some secs.

4. Open up your bread, spread some butter on it and sandwich the fried eggs inside.

5. Place the bread inside the pan you fried the eggs earlier. 

6. Fry for about 60 secs.

7. Spread butter on the other side, flip it over and fry for another 60 secs.

8. Your Risky Burger Is Ready!!!

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