How To Make Simple Chocolate Cake Using Biscuits

How To Make Simple Chocolate Cake Using Biscuits

Long time, No Recipe !😂😂 . Okay guys, today i will be teaching you how to make simple chocolate cake using just biscuits. 😋😋


Ingredients needed are;

1. Biscuits (Chocolate biscuits in particular)

2. Milk

3. Water

4. Sugar

5. Baking soda


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Preparation Method:

1. Put your biscuits in a mug or bowl 

2. Add milk to it. If i were you i would add MILK!!!! 😌😌 yes, i love milk. 

3. Add a pinch of baking powder and a tablespoon of sugar.

4. Add Water

5. Mix well till it has a smooth paste.

6. Microwave it for like 90 seconds 

7. Your Chocolate Cake Is Ready!!! 

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Source: The Food Network Nigeria 

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