[Book Review] Rid Me Of This - Aisha Oredola

Rid Me Of This is a book written by Aisha Oredola, a creative writer and lover of books. This is a book to be embraced by everyone especially teenagers, young adults or youths !

About the Book

Irregular, Intelligent but disturbed Maths guru and poetry lover, Kunbi, is labelled a witch in her teenage years, because of her nature. Her attitude earns her a worthy rival, William, who crosses her line and tastes her scorn until he gets trapped in her world. He learns who the real Kunbi is, but not for long.

Years go by, and the family secret, which has been in place even before Kunbi was born haunts her, as she is 'the chosen one' – a remote control she can use to destroy or control her parents. However, on discovering how devoid the secret makes her, how it sucks everything she loves, everything she uses to escape it, she longs for liberation.

In 'Rid Me Of This', numbers meet poetry, Mystery hides in each chapter and Power, Language, Tribe, Religion, Pain, Loss and Love, battle for a space in every page when all Kunbi wants is to be rid of the void.


About the Author

Aisha Oredola is an Author, Creative Writer, Artist and Public Health Enthusiast. She has a Bsc. in Cell Biology & Genetics. Her works have been published in Kalahari Review, Freedom Magazine – online & in print, Brigitte Poirson Poetry Chap book, Fitrah Review and Mixsie Audiobooks.

She was longlisted for her fiction in the Collins Elesiro Prize, 2019 & Shortlisted for her poetry in the Ramadan Writing Contest 2019.

Connect With Aisha Oredola @aish_dols

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