#WCW: Meet Your Favorite 'Skinny Girl In Transit', Abimbola Craig

Hello guys! It's Wednesday and we'll be having our very first #WCW 😁

Abimbola Craig is a Nigerian Nollywood actress born November 1986. Abimbola grew up in Lagos as the second of three children. She is also a filmmaker, producer, director, YouTuber, content creator and a lawyer.

She graduated from the University of Buckingham, where she studied Law before moving back to Nigeria to attend Law school.

Abimbola starred as 'Tiwalade' in 'Skinny Girl in Transit'. She originally was to be the producer of Skinny Girl in Transit but ended up being the lead; and produced SGIT too.  

Abimbola Craig also co-produced the Box office movie “Sugar Rush” in 2019, along side Jadesola Osiberu.

She currently works as Head of Production at Ndani Communications, widely known as Ndani TV.

Connect with Abimbola Craig on Instagram: @abimbolacraig

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