[Video] Kids On The Street, Episode 1 - Adeoye Iremide

Good evening! and how's y'all day going?😊 Who haven't read Adeoye Iremide's biography yet? 😒 ... It's right after the first paragraph 💥

Adeoye Iremide, widely known as 'Fantasticks' has always had the dream to narrate the untold stories of kids on the street. From street beggars to homeless kids, to kids who hawk on the streets. So, he teamed up with Habeeb Okunola Foundation and became the producer of a community project teamed, "Kids On The Street (KOTS)".

On the release of KOTS' first episode, Fantasticks took to his Instagram page and wrote:

"Teaming up with Habeeb Okunola Foundation was one of the best decisions I made. Not only were we able to tell their stories, we were able to enroll them in school, put them on a scholarship as well as provide the basic things they need in school. We also supported their parents with cash for their business.
There’s no greater joy than seeing the happiness you have created for others.
I’m happy I was a part of this great project. A huge thanks to HOF for supporting this great initiative.❤️
I present to y’all project KIDS ON THE STREET {KOTS}
I’m Adeoye Iremide and I’m making impacts."

Watch the First Episode of Kids On The Street {KOTS}, Segun’s Story below:

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