DIY Carrot And Papaya Soap For Glowing Skin

DIY Carrot And Papaya Soap For Glowing Skin
Carrot & Papaya

Today, I'll be teaching how to make carrot and papaya soap for glowing skin. For some days now i discovered that I'm a beauty enthusiast 😊, can't wait to start making my own beauty product very soon 😎.

Carrot has so many skin benefit apart fro its being a nutritional substance taken into the human body and a vitamin fruit. Carrot can be used in the treatment of acne, skin inflammation, skin discoloration, melanin disorder and it can also brighten and lighten your skin naturally. FYI you do not need bleaching creams to get that GLOWING SKIN!!!

DIY Carrot And Papaya Soap For Glowing Skin

Papaya or pawpaw, which ever one you want to call it but i like the sound of 'papaya' 'cause its funny 😂. Pawpaw too can reduce wrinkles, control acne or pimples, it seeds can lighten dark spots. it can also soften and lighten the skin.

DIY Carrot And Papaya Soap For Glowing Skin

Okay! so back to business. Ingredients needed are:

1. Carrots (10)

2. Soap base (4)

3. Glycerin (4 teaspoon)

4. Lemon juice (1 teaspoon)

5. Turmeric (2 teaspoon)

6. Papaya (5)

7. Honey (2 teaspoon)

NOTE: Ingredients measurement depends on the quantity of the soap you are making.

1. Cut your carrots into small pieces or grate it, then blend it. You can decide to blend the carrot till its very smooth and you can hardly see any shaft or sieve out the juice. Do the same to your papaya or pawpaw ans set it aside.

2. Cut your soap base into small pieces, place in a stainless bowl and put it inside a boiling water to melt. Do not put your soap base on fire directly. After that set aside too.

3. Pour your blended carrot and papaya or juice together. Add your glycerin, honey, lemon juice and turmeric and mix together with a wooden spoon.

4. Pour all your ingredients into the soap base and mix well.

5. Rub little coconut oil or olive oil on the mold you want to pour the soap into and allow the soap to cool until it has solidify.

DIY Carrot And Papaya Soap For Glowing Skin

Boom!! Your Carrot & Papaya Soap Is Ready For Use!

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