Top 7 Common Behaviour among Teenagers and Young Adults

Hello there to every adolescents reading this post!

Being an adolescent is beautiful stage of life's growth and development, we get to experience new things and have a different perception of how we see the world. This is the stage where we develop our unique personality traits and skills. At the same time, we face growing pressure to be responsible and trustworthy while we struggle with issues like sexuality, drug use, independence and peer relationships.

There are also challenges that comes with the process of becoming an adult, because we are in between being a child and being an adult!

Below are the Top 7 Common Behavior among Teenagers and Young Adults:

1. Doing things quickly or suddenly which includes making rough decisions and not considering the effects it may have.

2. Becoming more depressed, mood swings, developing skills and having sleep problems especially among females.

3. Easily addicted to things including watching television, listening to music and the most common of all, social media. Ever heard of someone addicted to eating chocolates?

4. So conscious of the physical body. It's not our fault if we want just want to get rid of that pimples or have a full glass of slim tea or build that abs and muscles.

5. Confides in peers than parents or other adults mostly because we seek 'independence'.

6. Rapid to sexual awareness and building relationships.

7. Complex thinking and self-centered. We start to think of our our future would be like, concerned about our career choices, what people think about us etc but find it difficult to apply those thoughts to our decision-making process.

What other common behavior can you find among teenagers and young adults? Drop your views in the comments!

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