[Book Review] Live each day with a Poem (LEDWAP) - Adeola Oke

Adeola Oke, a creative writer, poet and story teller recently published her debut book titled "Live each day with a Poem (LEDWAP)", a collection of one hundred poems.

"LEDWAP" is a collection of one hundred poems written in simple language and garnished with  literary seasonings, with diverse themes from different aspects of human existence.

"These poems are written to channel the reader's mind into the right direction, a morning pill to be swallowed in other to birth a positive change in the life of anyone who reads it" - Adeola Oke.

About the Author

Adeola Oke is the Father's daughter passionate about painting pictures with words to improve all facet of human life. She is a student of Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.

She's also a creative writer, a poet a storyteller and the author of Live Each Day With A Poem (LEDWAP) Anthology. She blogs at dellar3tes' blog, a blog having a positive influence on people through its various contents.

Adeola's writing has featured in a few magazines and writing platforms, like Spur Nation Magazine, Teens with a Difference International Magazine, Sparkle Writers Hub, ZenPens, to mention but a few.

She is currently the head of content creators at Precious Love Foundation, a charity based organization working towards establishing the SDGs.

Where Adeola is not writing, she's listening to music.

Connect with Adeola Oke on Instagram @della_r3tes

Book Review by the Editor, Amara M. Ujumadu

A collection of one hundred Poems, LEDWAP provides and exciting, educative, and entertaining read for anyone. With a plethora of varying themes such as the turbulence of teenage years, self discovery, music, religion, friendship, faith, assertiveness, femininity, mental health and a host of others, Adeola Oke inspires, soothes, motivates and even fires up the reader as the occasion demands.

The poems are artfully written with such literary embellishments and poetic devices to spice an already splendid art. Some of these include vivid metaphors, litotes, anaphora, epizioxys, and unrestrictive free verse. The poet takes the reader on an adventurous jolly ride by mixing serious themes with hilarious ones. Navigating artfully through intense and mundane issues in such a way that the reader is presented with a poem about resilience and the next poem is about earplugs.

The pieces in this anthology are so relatable and easy to connect with. A personal favorite is "She". This poem has so much going on about femininity, self-confidence, resilience and will. It's totally something I relate to and find very nourishing. My favorite quote in this poem is the couplet: "Watch her/ Do a pliƩ and never slip."
This anthology is recommended for all lovers of poetry, students, and generally young people who are in this journey of self discovery.

Amara M. Ujumadu.

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