JUNGLE JUSTICE — A Barbarous Violation of Human Rights

Jungle Justice is a form of extrajudicial killing in Africa, most especially Nigeria and Cameroon, whereby an alleged criminal is summarily executed by mobs, crowds or vigilantes. 

This is as a result of the incompetence found in the criminal justice system of the country. This of course would prompt citizens to violate human rights and go against the law by taking the law into their own hands which is unlawful.

The nonstop breakout of corruption in the police force today is one of the major source of jungle Justice, let me put it that way. The way citizens feel when they see notorious criminals back on the streets after been arrested by bribing their way out through 'pennies' given to the police or bail sum and they escape jail terms. This results to the loss of confidence in the police amongst citizens and instead of proper criminal justice, jungle justice is carried out. 

We will continually face democratization challenges if proper measures to making constitutionalism a reality in our country is not made a big priority in our public affairs. 

The same Nigerian Constitution guarantees every citizen, including criminal suspects basic fundamental rights. An accused or a suspect should be given fair hearing in crime related matters. Every suspect is innocent until duly tried and proven guilty before a competent law court. Most importantly, the right to life is also given to a suspect until found guilty and sentenced only by a law court not by individuals. Even the so called mob justice has not decreased the degree of corruption in the country. 

Government institutions, especially the police give consent to jungle Justice when they have clear knowledge of it being unlawful. Law is being made and broken again by its makers. How do they expect citizens to comply and maintain law and order in the country?, Its definitely impossible. When the leaders are taking things wrongly, it reflects in the behavior of the citizens.

Above all, jungle justice in Nigeria is due to the ineffective and corrupt government institutions.

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